Young Singaporean Couple Spends $8,000 Traveling from London to Singapore BY LAND

Young Singaporean Couple Spends $8,000 Traveling from London to Singapore BY LAND
King Malleta
By King Malleta
January 5, 2017
A young Singaporean couple took the road less traveled – and quite literally – when they decided to travel back to Singapore from London by land.
According to AsiaOne, it was 30-year-old Varun Varma and his 28-year-old wife Neha who made the epic trip back home.
In 2015, the couple, who studied and got their master’s degree in London, was thinking on how to celebrate their graduation. Because some of their friends were doing their own trips, they thought about something less familiar.
“A lot of our graduating friends were doing trips to different parts of the world. We wanted to do a bit more than visit one or two places, so we tried to think of something else,” Neha said.
She said that starting July 2015, they mapped their routes to be able to make it home to Singapore, all while going through cities in Europe, Russia, China, and Southeast Asia.
The two meticulously planned their trip and decided to ship their belongings to Singapore so they won’t be hassled with time constraints and a strict itinerary.
“There was no time pressure, and we had a flexible itinerary. In the worst-case scenario, if we missed a train, we would just wait for the next one,” Varun recalled.
The couple shared some of their nice and memorable experiences meeting locals from certain places and then some “un-fun things” like when they were almost conned in China and their 16-hour bus ride from Germany to Lithuania.
Now that they are home, Neha said that arriving in Singapore from their 70-day trip was somewhat bittersweet. She said that they are faced with the “reality of life starting” which is different from the “nomadic life” they both experienced.
The couple spent around $8,000 for their London to Singapore journey, but even though booking a plane ticket is cheaper and easier, they wholly recommend taking the long route for those who are looking to travel more thoughtfully.
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