Chinese Mall Opens ‘Husband Nursery’ For Bored Men Dragged Into Shopping

Husbands and shopping usually don’t go well together.
The new Vanke Mall in the town of Qibao in Shanghai has installed a special space for all reluctant men who find themselves forced to accompany their beloved partners to go shopping, China News reported (via Shanghaiist).
The facility,  located on the shopping center’s third floor, seeks to make the shopping experience for both sexes more enjoyable, or for some individuals, tolerable.
Men can kill time reading magazines, newspapers, or even by watching TV. There are also a couple of chairs available including one massage chair.
While such an innovation may indeed prove beneficial for many, netizens are doubtful such amenities would work in China.
One social media user pointed out: “In two days, that room will be occupied by uncles and aunties.”
“If there’s free wifi and mahjohng inside, wives will be spending more time in there than their husbands,” another one wrote.
While rare, similar facilities have been spotted in other malls across the country, offering a variety of things for men to do as women shop.
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