Singapore Airlines Stewardess Mysteriously Found Dead in SF Hotel Room

Singapore Airlines Stewardess Mysteriously Found Dead in SF Hotel Room

February 3, 2017
It was just supposed to be a layover for a couple of nights, but little did she know that it was going to be her last flight.
Vanessa Yeap, a 38-year-old leading flight attendant for Singapore Airlines checked in at a San Francisco hotel for a layover of a long-haul January 28 flight. She and other crew member were to report back for a 1 a.m. flight on February 1, meaning they would have to check out of the hotel a few hours before their schedule.
But because Vanessa did not show up in the lobby, her co-workers decided to check her room. There, they found the flight stewardess lifeless in her room.
The crew attempted to resuscitate Vanessa but failed to revive her. According to an anonymous source that was on the same flight, Vanessa was not feeling well when they landed in San Francisco.
“We can confirm with regret that one of our female cabin crew was found deceased in her hotel room in San Francisco on Feb 1, 2017 (Singapore time),” Singapore Airline said to Strait Times. “The member of crew operated to SFO on flight SQ2/28 January and was due to have operated out from SFO on SQ1/1 February.”
The flight hostess has worked for the airline company for 16 years. Singapore Airlines has expressed their sympathy to Vanessa’s family, saying that their main priority is, “to provide necessary assistance to the family of the crew member.”
Vanessa’s older brother is on his way to San Francisco to claim his sister’s body after sharing a heartfelt message to commemorate his sister.
“My loving sister, we love you and cherish you forever. We know you are in good hands with the lord in heaven now,” he said.
Meanwhile, the case of Vanessa’s mysterious death is still being investigated by local authorities.
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