Woman Shoves Elderly Filipina While Walking in Alleged Racist Incident in Vancouver

Woman Shoves Elderly Filipina While Walking in Alleged Racist Incident in Vancouver
Bryan Ke
August 19, 2020
A 61-year-old Filipina was shoved against her car in an unprovoked alleged racist attack outside of a supermarket in Vancouver, Canada.
What happened: The incident occurred outside the 88 Supermarket on Victoria Drive on August 15 when the victim, who identified herself only as MaryLou, was loading her groceries into her car, according to Global News.
  • A surveillance camera captured the moment when a White woman was walking on the sidewalk when she suddenly pushed MaryLou into her car with no provocation.
  • The woman said something to the victim, but she didn’t catch her words because she was shocked.
  • The unidentified woman walked away but looked back at MaryLou again before moving away from the frame.
  • “From our understanding it was intentional, because as you can see from the video the sidewalk was quite wide,” Armor Valor Corrales, MaryLou’s nephew, said. “She’s shaken up.”
  • The staff of the market reportedly confirmed the events captured in the surveillance camera.
  • MaryLou returned to the supermarket, but she brought people with her.
  • “She went to go shop there last week, but she didn’t go alone. She went with a group of people to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again,” Corrales said.
Aftermath: Following the incident, the family brought up the incident with the Vancouver police, but charges have not been filed.
  • Corrales and his family wanted to raise awareness of the ongoing anti-Asian racism amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • “I want people to realize that we are not the virus, Asians are not the virus,” he said. “I want them to know that we are all in this together, we’re all contributing towards getting rid of this virus, and acts like this against groups of people of different ethnicities, it’s not stopping the virus.”
  • Although the police have already launched an investigation, it remains unclear if the attack was racially motivated.
  • According to Corrales, the attack was an insult to his family and the Filipino community in general as many of them work on the frontlines against the pandemic.
A survey conducted in June revealed many Chinese Canadians had encountered different forms of harassment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Feature Image via Global News
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