Vancouver Woman Has Racist Meltdown Because She Didn’t Want POCs Sitting Next to Her

Vancouver Woman Has Racist Meltdown Because She Didn’t Want POCs Sitting Next to HerVancouver Woman Has Racist Meltdown Because She Didn’t Want POCs Sitting Next to Her
Ryan General
September 26, 2018
Video footage of a Canadian woman going on a racist tirade while yelling death threats inside a public bus in Vancouver has gone viral since it was uploaded on Facebook on Sunday night.
According to Facebook user Christine Starr, the blonde woman in a ponytail simply didn’t want to give up the seat beside her, which annoyed the other passengers.
“Crazy ride home from Horseshoe Bay. This lady on the bus here starts yelling at Everyone on the bus. Just cause she didn’t wanna give up the seat next to her. All they did was ask if they could sit there. She starts being racist and sh*t. I started getting pissed off. What a joke. Thanks for the show. Lmfao,” Starr wrote on her caption.
In the clip, which has since been viewed over 260,000 times, the woman was seen engaging in a heated argument with fellow passengers on a West Vancouver transit bus.
The unnamed woman was apparently not allowing others to sit beside her despite many passengers left standing in the busy bus ride. She can be seen standing up multiple times, aggressively confronting other passengers with screams and taunts.
The woman was further agitated upon noticing a passenger filming her behavior. She then started dishing out threats to the person with a camera, saying: “That’s an invasion of privacy. Don’t f— with me… There are laws against pointing your phones at f—ing people. Do you understand me? I’ll f—ing kill you.”
She eventually charged toward the middle of the bus where the person filming her was located. She appeared to have hit someone in the crowd who can be heard in the clip saying that the suspect had hurt her.
Following an investigation by Metro Vancouver Transit Police, it was revealed that the incident happened at around 8 p.m. on Sunday on the 250 route from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal towards Vancouver, CTV news reports.
According to Sgt. Clint Hampton, the screaming woman had used the seat beside her to place her belongings. A verbal argument ensued after another passenger asked her to free up the seat. It did not take long before the discussion escalated, somehow involving other individuals on board the bus.
“She made several lewd comments, including some racially charged comments and other members on the bus also got involved in the argument,” Hampton was quoted as saying.
The woman, who was heard in the video telling other passengers she is 59 years old, spoke to CTV News to air her side of the story.
“I said I have bags very calmly, very respectfully and at that point, her male friend looked at me and started saying something in his language,” she said. She then claimed that she has PTSD and felt threatened by the other passengers.
No charge has been made so far as the investigation is still ongoing.
Featured image via Facebook/Christine Starr
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