Filipino Canadian Man Threatened by Racist on Bus in Vancouver

Filipino Canadian Man Threatened by Racist on Bus in Vancouver
Carl Samson
November 3, 2020
A Filipino Canadian man became the target of a racist tirade while commuting on a bus in Burnaby, Vancouver last week.
Danilo Jimenez Jr., who was on his way to work, decided to film the incident over fears that his verbal assailant could do worse.
The man allegedly started ranting immediately after boarding the train. Image Screenshot via @danilojimenezjr
“Give me the f***ing camera,” the man demands at the beginning of the video. “You want a shot in the head, buddy? You want a f***ing shot in the head?
“Take the f***ing camera away, goof. You f***ing goof Chinaman!”
Another person, presumably the driver, can be heard calling out the belligerent commuter.
“You’re going have to calm down. You can’t talk to people like that.”
Jimenez said the man accused him of spying for China and threatened to sexually assault his daughter. Image Screenshot via @danilojimenezjr
However, the man only doubles down on his rant.
“You can’t take pictures of me either, you f***ing f***ot,” he tells Jimenez. “F*ck you Chinaman! You f***ing chink!”
The man continues his tirade with a reference to Canadian “forefathers.” He then uses the N-word and gives Jimenez the finger before dropping off.
F*ck you goof! You’re dead,” the man yells.
The man dropped off at the next station because he cannot stand being with a “f***ing chink.” Image Screenshot via @danilojimenezjr
The incident, which occurred on a TransLink bus on route 123, has since been reported to Metro Vancouver Transit Police. A spokesperson said they take such situations “extremely seriously.”
“We investigate every incident as thoroughly as we can,” Const. Mike Yake told CTV News. “We definitely, obviously, want to hold the individual accountable for spewing out these disgusting words.”
As soon as the man boarded the bus, he allegedly started swearing at Jimenez. Aside from using racial slurs, he allegedly accused Jimenez of being a Chinese spy and threatened to sexually assault his daughter.
“So I’m thinking, like, security for my life, I took my cell phone and took a video,” Jimenez told Global News. “I’m a little bit paranoid now.”
More anti-Asian incidents have been reported in Canada than in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last week, a report presented to the Vancouver Police Board showed an 878% increase in such crimes.
Feature Image Screenshots via @danilojimenezjr
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