‘Valorant’ introduces Manila-born Agent Neon

Valorant Agent Neon
  • Riot Games’ multiplayer game “Valorant” revealed their first Filipino agent, Agent Neon, with an official trailer showcasing her powers.
  • Agent Neon is set to be released on the game’s Episode 4: Disruption update.

The video game “Valorant” has unveiled their newest character and first Manila-born agent, Neon, in a recent trailer.

The 5v5 first-person shooter game introduced Agent Neon with an official trailer posted on their social media accounts on Wednesday. 

In the trailer, the Filipina character can be seen entering her new room and muttering the words “Hay, buhay…” (Oh, life) before slumping onto her bed and listening to the song “Entertain Me” by Filipino Australian singer Ylona Gacia. The trailer reveals glimpses of the agent’s abilities, including her electricity-based powers and her incredible speed.

Neon sprints around her room and decorates it to feel more like home. She unpacks a framed photo of what appears to be her Philippine native dog. She also puts up a Ylona Garcia poster and a framed number 5 Gilas jersey. Neon’s room, which features a guitar, a beach wall background, hanging plants and a traditional Filipino broom, highlight her Filipino heritage.  

Many “Valorant” players had already sleuthed out that Riot Games would next introduce a Filipino agent based on in-game clues, NextShark previously reported.

According to iTech Post, Neon will be joining Valorant’s upcoming update on Episode 4: Disruption, which is scheduled to drop on Jan. 12. 

Featured Images via VALORANT

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