Chinese Man Late for Valentine’s Day Buys Girlfriend $99,000 of Ocean

Chinese Man Late for Valentine’s Day Buys Girlfriend $99,000 of OceanChinese Man Late for Valentine’s Day Buys Girlfriend $99,000 of Ocean
Carl Samson
May 31, 2019
A man who missed giving his girlfriend a token this recent Chinese “Valentine’s Day” made it up to her in the most extra way imaginable.
The celebration, which took place on May 20, saw lovers exchange gifts for each other, though tradition had most men alone prepare something special for the women in their lives.
The man’s girlfriend, who did not receive anything, was understandably upset, but her mood took a turn the following week when she learned what he got for her.
As it turned out, her man bought her 210 hectares of the sea off the coast of Shandong province — a slice he had won in an online auction for 682,662 yuan ($99,000), Qilu Evening News reported.
The woman was upset about not receiving anything on May 20.
The man reveals that he had bought his girlfriend part of the sea.
The woman is shocked by her boyfriend’s surprise.
The woman now has fishing access to an area filled with abalone, scallops and sea cucumbers.
Under Chinese property law, territorial waters cannot be sold or bought, but usage rights can be acquired.
As such, it’s safe to say the woman will have no shortage of seafood until Feb. 10, 2029, when her ownership of the area expires.
Needless to say, the mind-blowing gift caught the attention of netizens, who generally agreed on how fortunate the girlfriend is.
The man purchased the slice of the sea for 682,662 yuan ($99,000) in an online auction.
Weibo users commented:
“Her boyfriend clearly loves her.”
“Poverty limits my imagination, which is beyond my knowledge.”
“Sounds like an advertisement. Why didn’t he get her a yacht instead?”
“The world of rich people . . . is something we’ll never really understand.”
“I don’t want the sea and the stars . . . I just want a boyfriend to love me.”
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