‘Vagina Whitening’ is Now a Thing in the Philippines

‘Vagina Whitening’ is Now a Thing in the Philippines‘Vagina Whitening’ is Now a Thing in the Philippines
First, there was the penis whitening trend in Bangkok, Thailand; now, there’s vagina whitening, and it is being offered in one of Philippines’ most famous cosmetic clinics: the Belo Medical Group clinics.
The procedure, called “Angel Whitening,” is being offered by the clinic for the price of 50,000 Philippine Pesos ($984) per session, according to TV5.
The vagina whitening procedure, offered by celebrity cosmetic physician Victoria Belo, uses laser technology and only takes 30 minutes.
Vagina Whitening
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Aside from whitening the vagina, this non-surgical procedure also gives other benefits. “Angel Whitening”, as it is called, is said to help “relax, tighten, clean and make the area smooth”. This will also help women who experience itchiness and dryness in the area.
According to TV5, most of the clinics’ patients who opt for this procedure are mothers and women who are in the ages between 20 to 60 years old.
Well, people are really going off face,” Dr. Belo told TV5. She continued to note that before, when people say pretty, they always first notice the facial area; now, she says, that mindset is extending to other body parts.
In the Philippines, one obsession is always the armpit. So now they’re going a little lower. We’re doing something called the facelift for down there,” she added.
“Angel Whitening” is not the only vaginal cosmetic procedure that the Belo Medical Group clinics offer. In 2014, the clinic announced its own vaginal tightening procedure called “FemiLift”, which is similar to vaginoplasty but does not require an operation or anesthesia.
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