Maid Tortured and Brutally Murdered By Employers Sparks Massive Outrage in Pakistan

uzma pakistan

A 16-year-old Pakistani domestic worker identified as Uzma Bibi, was tortured and murdered by her employers before being dumped into a drain in Neelam Block, Iqbal Town, Lahore. 

Photos of the victim’s mangled body circulated on social media, sparking national outrage. Online users started the hashtag #JusticeForUzma, and are calling to the government for justice, according to Gulf News.


The domestic worker was reportedly physically assaulted regularly, and made to sleep on the floor of a bathroom. When paid a visit by her family, the employers told them that she was not in the city.

She allegedly took a bite of food, which resulted in her employer beating her over the head with a sharp object, the Daily Pakistan reported.

After the maid fell unconscious, the employer allegedly tried to resuscitate her by electrocuting her using wires. Local TV reported that she was strangled before her body was dumped.

The public is demanding justice for the gruesome murder, with many commenting that many domestic workers are not treated humanely.

“This is beyond disgusting. The issue of domestic workers in South Asia is prevalent today and its sickening that they are being treated as if they are not human. #JusticeforUzma,” Twitter user @ShahzadiSpeaks said.

Featured image via Twitter / @FaheemRaxaRK

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