Utah Lawyer Tells Candidate to ‘Kindly Die and Go to Hell Motherf**ker’ for Waking Him Up From Nap

Utah Lawyer Tells Candidate to ‘Kindly Die and Go to Hell Motherf**ker’ for Waking Him Up From Nap
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 17, 2021
A Utah state attorney came under fire for his expletive-laden email sent to an openly gay, Asian American political candidate after the latter accidentally woke him up and his family from their siesta.
What happened: Darin Mano was doing door-to-door campaigning over the weekend for a City Council position when he stumbled into the house of assistant attorney general Steven A. Wuthrich, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Mano then took to his social media to share a screenshot of the email Wuthrich sent him. In the message, the assistant attorney general explained he and his wife were taking an afternoon nap on Saturday when the doorbell rang and woke up their dogs.
  • The state attorney threatened Mano’s his political career, saying, “I will do everything in my power to see you never get elected to any office higher than dog catcher.”
  • He then told Mano he hates him, his family, his solicitors, contributors, sponsors, adding, “Kindly die and go to hell motherf**ker.”
  • Although Mano admitted he saw the no soliciting sign on Wuthrich’s door, he said his political advisers assured him that “political canvassing is not soliciting.”
The apology: Wuthrich eventually sent out a statement apologizing to Mano for his email after the story went online.
  • In the apology, Wuthrich recounted how he reacted with “undue anger” when he was woken up on Saturday. “Since then, I have regretted the ferocity and language of that email,” he added. “My words were uncivil and unprofessional. From me personally, I apologize to Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano and his family.”
  • Mano said he “appreciated” Wuthrich’s apology in a statement on Tuesday, adding that he will “leave it up to Mr. Wuthrich’s employer and the bar association to decide on any disciplinary actions.”
Mano is currently running for a City Council seat for District 5. The city council selected him to serve the remaining term of Mayor Erin Mendenhall in January 2020, Fox13 reported.
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