Groom Rents $345,000 Ferrari to Impress His Bride, Immediately Crashes It

A couple’s post-wedding day celebration was made even more unforgettable after the groom crashed a rented $345,000 Ferrari into a friend’s front garden on Sunday.
Usman Ali, 25, paid a 5,000 British pound ($7,200) deposit to rent the Ferrari 458 Spider, a car that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds, reported the Daily Mail.
The groom, who works at his father’s garage as a tire fitter, allegedly tripped on the car mat and accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, causing him to smash into his friend’s house. Fortunately, Ali and his new wife, Sakina Parveen, were both uninjured from the crash which partially wrecked the front of the vehicle.
The damage was estimated at 25,000 British pounds ($36,000), and minus the deposit, the accident could cost Ali around 20,000 British pounds ($29,000) more.
“He’s a good lad and he works hard, but I don’t think he had enough experience driving this sort of car,” Ali’s friend told the Daily Mail.
Aleem Iqbal, 21, who runs the Birmingham-based Platinum Executive Travel with his father Saleem, posted a tweet that he is expecting the vehicle to be “back on the road in three weeks.”
“Thanks for all the kind messages. I wasn’t at the wheel, and nobody was injured that’s the main thing, have had a lot worse in this business,” he tweeted.
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