SF Ramen Shop May Close Forever After 3rd Burglary This Year

SF Ramen Shop May Close Forever After 3rd Burglary This YearSF Ramen Shop May Close Forever After 3rd Burglary This Year
An Asian-owned restaurant in San Francisco lost a couple thousand dollars worth of items after it was raided by a group of thieves on Friday.
It was the third time that Ushi Taro Ramen, a shop on 9th Avenue in Sunset District, had been broken into by burglars in just a little over a year, reports KRON4
“It’s becoming the normal,” owner Ken Zhu lamented. “You know it happens to so many places that I know and also so many times. This just might be the normal.”
According to Zhu, the most recent attack was captured by surveillance cameras. In the footage, one suspect can be seen handing off items to a second person through the restaurant’s smashed window.
“Some guy crawled into the window, looked around, opened the cash drawer, grabbed all the electronics, looked for any electronics,” he narrated. “You know sad to I’ve seen it last time because after the first time we installed cameras but that didn’t really stop them.
The thieves were able to take money from the cash register, checks used for the business, and four iPads. 
“We’ve been already suffering since the pandemic — it’s just sad,” he said.
Zhu expressed frustration about the incident as his restaurant is barely making any money, with sales just reaching half of what he did before the pandemic. 
With burglars repeatedly targeting small businesses like his, Zhu is now considering permanently closing his restaurant.
“We’re barely surviving,” he shared. “I’m cut down to just one employee. My wife and I are here to work. we cannot afford more man power and then on top of that this happens, repeatedly, I don’t know if I can continue you know?”
A similar incident happened last week at Pineapple King Bakery on Irving Street just a couple of blocks away. The thieves also broke a top window to get inside the bakeshop. 
Pineapple King Bakery, also an Asian business, was burglarized twice on March 21, reports ABC7. After the suspects’ first attack at around 3:30 a.m., they returned about 90 minutes later for a second break-in.
The store’s Facebook account shared images captured by their surveillance cameras. A GoFundMe page has been set up for Pineapple King Bakery where it has so far raised over $5,000 as of this writing.
Feature Image via KRON4
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