Jordan Peele Tweeted Something in Korean and the Internet Had an AHHH Moment

The internet is collectively losing their mind after “Us” director, Jordan Peele, tweeted something in Korean and many people had a brief duh moment after learning what it was.

On Thursday, the 40-year-old actor and director took to his Twitter account to share a slightly cryptic message in Korean, and many users were stumped to find out that the message he shared was in fact….. (drum roll please)

… his name in Korean: Cho Dong-pil or Jo Dong-pil.

Yes folks. The message in Korean that he posted is not some sort of hint for a future movie project. It is a play on his English name, Jordan Peele. Impressive, right?

Some of his followers couldn’t help but chime in sharing some of their thoughts about his name. One particular fan also showed how his name would be spelled when it’s written in Japanese – and how it is pronounced in the language.

Then another follower explained a different way to spell his name in Korean.

And adding his tongue-in-cheek nickname.

Others also chimed in.

Peele’s new box office hit, “Us” reportedly performed very well in South Korean cinemas. According to one of the tweets in the thread, the horror film starring Lupita Nyong’o (“Black Panther”) topped the box office on Thursday.

In the United States, the horror movie has now reached $90 million in the box office, Forbes reported.

Featured images via Instagram / jordanpeele, (inset) Twitter / JordanPeele

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