These Cities Have the Highest STD Rates in America

Most everyone loves sex, but nearly no one loves STDs. The moral: wrap it up.
The landlords over at decided to map the most sexually diseased cities in the U.S. because, why not?
Using 2013 data from the CDC on chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, the rental application website color coded a U.S. map to show how prevalent the STD trio is in the country’s more populated cities.
A factor in higher STD rates? Three out of the top 10 most infected cities have prominent military bases.
Check out the list of the top 10 most sexually diseased cities in the U.S. below.
Rank City Total STDs Total STDs per 100,000
1 Montgomery, AL 4371 1899.20
2 St Louis, MO 5942 1867.54
3. West Memphis, AR (Part of the Memphis Metro) 859 1717.29
4. Philadelphia, PA 26151 1689.77
5. Norfolk, VA [Norfolk Naval Base] 4013 1632.74
6. Baltimore, MD 10134 1630.98
7. Richmond, VA 3248 1544.39
8. New Orleans, LA 5614 1520.37
9. Killeen, TX [Ft. Hood] 4887 1512.83
10. Fayetteville, NC [Ft. Bragg] 4826 1489.2
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