Woman Allegedly Gets Thrown Out of Urth Caffe For Being Muslim

Woman Allegedly Gets Thrown Out of Urth Caffe For Being MuslimWoman Allegedly Gets Thrown Out of Urth Caffe For Being Muslim
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April 24, 2016
A popular cafe franchise in Southern California is under fire after an employee allegedly kicked out a woman for being Muslim.
Sara Farsakh, a muslim woman was dining at Urth Caffe’s Laguna Hills location last night when a employee by the name of “Tino” approached her table. Farsakh wrote on in a Facebook post:
“Tino explained that they were anticipating a busy evening and needed to clear tables and that per their policy anyone that had been there for over 45 minutes was required to share or give up their table to other customers.”
However, Farsakh and her group had just gotten their and the policy only applies when the restaurant is clearly busy, Farsakh took video footage of the numerous tables that were available and the short line out front.

Posted by Sara Farsakh on Saturday, April 23, 2016

“We told Tino that our orders had just arrived and that we couldn’t reasonably finish and leave within 10 minutes. He said it didn’t matter and we had to leave.”
“The party on the table next to us (a group of white women) overheard our conversation and were shocked. They told us they had been sitting far longer than we had but had never been told to prepare to leave.”
After trying to reach the owner via other staff members to no avail, the police were called to escort the women off the premises. The officers reminded the woman that an establishment as the right to refused service to anyone regardless of the reason.

Posted by Sara Farsakh on Saturday, April 23, 2016

“I truly believe that because I was sitting with visibly Muslim women, we were singled out when we were asked to leave. I can’t even begin to express the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation as police officers were called to escort out a group of Muslim women from a restaurant. Shame on you Urth Caffe for your disgusting and racist treatment of paying customers.”
Since Farsakh’s post has gone viral, Urth Caffe’s Yelp and Facebook pages have been flooded with negative reviews for their Laguna Hills Location.
Here’s Farsakh’s Facebook post in full.

I am completely appalled by the racist and Islamophobic treatment some friends and I were subjected to by staff at Urth…

Posted by Sara Farsakh on Saturday, April 23, 2016

We’ve reached out to Urth Caffe for a comment and will update this post once they respond.
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