Man Walking Upside Down With Ropes Goes Viral in China

Man Walking Upside Down With Ropes Goes Viral in China
Carl Samson
July 20, 2018
A middle-aged man walking upside down through hanging ropes is the latest hit in China.
Lin Liangwang, 44, has been practicing the stunt for more than six months in his hometown of Muyun in Fu’an county, Fujian Province.
The farmer was inspired to accomplish the act after seeing another performer fail last year, according to CCTV.
“In the beginning, I used to hang two ropes from the ceiling of my room to practice [hanging]. I first practiced for about two to three months, followed by which I tried to release my foot and walk,” KUTV quoted Lin as saying.
Lin took things further when he fashioned a pair of 125-kilogram (275-pound) metal shoes and wore them while walking.
Now, a video of his stunt covering 13 meters has gone viral on Chinese social media.
“The hardest part is to climb a slope. You need your ankles to hook on to the rope. While climbing the slope, your foot and body need to bend to maximize your strength. You won’t be able to make it otherwise,” he shared.
It is unknown whether Lin was actually able to make a record for his latest performance, but he’s determined to cover the same distance from a height of eight meters in the future.
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