Upcoming ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film Hires ‘Jurassic World’ Writer

Upcoming ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film Hires ‘Jurassic World’ WriterUpcoming ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Film Hires ‘Jurassic World’ Writer
Kyle Encina
November 10, 2017
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made progress on his highly-anticipated movie adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s popular espionage video game “Metal Gear Solid”, teaming up with a new writer for the upcoming project.
According to Variety, writer Derek Connolly is officially on board to pen the “Metal Gear Solid” movie.
Photo via Flickr / Videogame Photography (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Connolly is known for his work on action-adventure films such as “Jurassic World” and “Kong: Skull Island,” which he collaborated with Vogt-Roberts on. Connolly becomes the latest addition to the project along with Avi Arad, who was previously announced as the film’s producer.
Arad has produced a number of Marvel superhero films including “Spider-man”, “Iron Man”, and “X-Men”.
According to Den of Geek, Vogt-Roberts revealed that the film will not be a direct adaptation to any particular game in the series, but rather he will attempt to “fuse a couple of different storylines together,” instead.
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The “Metal Gear Solid” movie director even gave a sneak peek on what the film would be like, saying that it’s “very Kojima in its approach.” Vogt-Roberts is taking the project very seriously because he did not want to upset the fans who are protective of the beloved series.
He stressed in an interview that he didn’t just want to bring the video game to the big screen, he also wanted to protect the franchise in the process.
“I spent three years of my life trying to shepherd this project, and there’s no project more important on the planet to me than this,” Vogt-Roberts said.
Photo via Flickr / Videogame Photography (CC BY-SA 2.0)
He also thanked Arad for listening to his ideas about a movie based on the life of Kojima’s Solid Snake.
“It’s like, fundamentally, Metal Gear is about the cycle of pain and it’s about this fucked up weird family soap opera, and it’s about ideologies, and it’s about characters and philosophies,” Vogt-Roberts added. “And it’s about playing with tone and it’s about so many different things. But a lot of those things are conceptual ideas.”
There is no release date set for the “Metal Gear Solid” movie yet.
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