Chinese Women Prefer Their Men Make Twice the National Average Income, Survey Finds

Chinese women said their ideal man’s income is twice as much as the actual national average, according to a new online survey.
After questioning 15,000 unmarried people in China on their expectations in regard to money in a romantic relationship, found that women wanted their partner to earn an average of 6,701 yuan ($1,027) per month, reports the South China Morning Post.
Unfortunately for single Chinese women, the national average income for men in the country is a much lower 2,808 yuan ($431).
The data also found a correlation between age and salary expectations. Women born in the 1980s said their ideal partner should earn a minimum of 6,993 yuan ($1,072) while women born before 1970 had lower wage expectations at an average 5,201 yuan ($798) monthly income.
Men also expected their female partners to bring in incomes that were above the national average. On average, they said their ideal women makes 3,398 yuan ($521) per month, while the actual national average for women is 1,940 ($297).
The poll also found that most women in the country consider ownership of property a must for any man that wants to get married to them.
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