University Student in Florida Arrested For Stalking and Threatening To Rape Ex-Girlfriend

A University of Florida student was recently arrested on Friday after allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend with a series of threatening texts and then later showing up unannounced in her apartment.

According to local authorities, 20-year-old Calvin Ming Leung Yeun sent his unnamed former flame a series of messages saying he wanted to rape her so he could “own” her again.

Student publication The Alligator reports that he even made threats to commit suicide after hurting or killing the ex-girlfriend.

After receiving the horrific threats, the woman reached out to Yeung’s roommate for help, who then convinced her to flee her apartment in Gainesville.

Based on the police reports, Yeung showed up at the woman’s apartment soon after she escaped. After letting himself inside, he discovered that his ex-girlfriend wasn’t there. He then decided to stay to wait for her return. Police officers spotted Yeung as he was leaving the apartment and was promptly arrested. 

Following his arrest, Yeung was charged with aggravated stalking, dating violence and issuing a written threat to kill or injure. The University Police also issued a trespass warning against Yeung.

As of press time, the suspect reportedly remains detained in the Alachua County Jail where his bond is set at $100,000.

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