NISSIN Collaborates with UNIQLO’s HEATTECH to Create Donbei Instant Noodles for Winter


Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO has teamed up with instant noodle giant NISSIN to release a HEATTECH Donbei instant noodle to fight the cold of winter in Japan.

The collaboration instant noodles will come in two different variants: “HEATTECH Donbei Meita-style Ankake Udon” and “HEATTECH Donbei Pork Dashi Ankake Soba,” according to Hypebeast.

Image NISSIN via Livedoor

The udon variant will center around the savory flavor of mentaiko, a salted pollock roe, combined with a ginger-based soup. The soba variant will come fully packed in a strong pork flavor with an ankake-thickened ginger soup stock, Hypebae reported.

Image NISSIN via Livedoor

To make sure you stay warm during the winter, UNIQLO X NISSIN seasoned up the two flavors with spicy ginger and shichimi pepper.

The UNIQLO x NISSIN HEATTECH Donbei Instant Noodle Cups are expected to go on sale in Japan on Jan. 25 for 193 yen ($1.86) each. Imports to the United States are expected in the near future, but no specific dates have been announced yet.

Featured Image via Livedoor

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