Unemployed Man Gets Breast Implants Hoping For More Job Opportunities

Unemployed Man Gets Breast Implants Hoping For More Job OpportunitiesUnemployed Man Gets Breast Implants Hoping For More Job Opportunities
Carl Samson
October 4, 2016
Convinced that women get more jobs, an unemployed man in China chose to get breast implants in hopes of securing one.
Following a breast enlargement procedure that reportedly cost $6,000, the 30-year-old man surnamed Ho thought he had more career opportunities.
Ho had limited working experience and his job search was not favorable. Frustrated over circumstances, he traveled to Changsha for the surgery in August.
According to local reports, Ho borrowed over 39,000 yuan, or over $5,800, to get the ball rolling.
However, Ho’s supersized breasts did not stay forever. His altered appearance caused tension in the family, so he had them removed the following month, Huanqiu reported.
His mother went nuts:
“I was so scared, how can it be like that? How can a man with such big boobs face others? I can’t tell you how many times I have cried in my room.”
She was also furious upon learning that her son borrowed money. As it turned out, Ho realized his goal through the help of the hospital:
“I did not have enough money for the surgery, so I consulted the hospital. They told me I could pay for the surgery with a loan. They asked me to hand in my mobile phone and ID card.”
Ho said he agreed to go under the knife but not to take out a loan. But soon after the operation was done, he received calls from the lender every day, stressing him out.
Ho’s mother said his hearing was impaired after suffering a concussion when he was three.
But Ruilan Medical Cosmetic Hospital maintained:
“He is over 18 years old. He has signed the documents. He should be responsible for his actions.”
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