Underage Driver Pees His Pants After Getting Pulled Over, Gets Humiliated By Police With Instagram Photo

Indonesian police recently subjected an underaged driver to online humiliation after catching him riding a motorcycle without a license.

The unnamed teen had reportedly peed his pants out of fear after cops pulled him over and questioned him.

In an apparent attempt to warn other kids driving without licenses, the cops took a picture of the boy — soiled pants and all — and then uploaded it to their social media account.

His embarrassing photo, which was posted on the official Instagram account of the Bandung Police, was captioned (as translated by Coconuts Jakarta):

“Caught breaking the law, this school kid peed in his pants.

“When the officer stopped this high school student that was driving a motorcycle on the road,  instantly the kid peed in the pants, either because he really had to pee or because he was really afraid of getting a ticket.

“For younger brothers and sisters who do not yet have a driver’s license, do not bring a vehicle to school, it is better to ride an angkot (public transport minibus) if your parents can’t give you a ride.

“Stop violations stop accidents save humanity”

While the police were at least considerate enough to hide the boy’s face with an emoji, taking a humiliating photo of the boy with an officer pointing at the student’s pants still seems a bit over the top, considering the offender’s age.

Feature Image via Instagram/tmcpolrestabesbandung

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