‘Indian’ Themed Taiwanese Restaurant in L.A. Is Asian Racism at Its Worst

If you think you haven’t been confused about anything for a while, head over to Uncle Yu’s Indian Theme Restaurant.

This eatery, located in San Gabriel, California, is apparently serving Taiwanese food through its crew of East Asian-looking girls dressed as “Indians.”

Wait. WHAT?

The Love Life of an Asian Guy, which shared the existence of the restaurant to his over 200,000 followers on Facebook, found it plain racist:

“Soo… apparently, there’s an ‘Indian themed’ restaurant in San Gabriel, CA with indigenous decorations, Chinese food on the menu, and Asian girls with ‘Indian’ outfits. Just another case of Asians being racist pieces of shit.”

There are a couple of problems here. First, we’re quite sure the restaurant intends to actually be Native American-themed, but an “Indian-themed” restaurant should feature something that honors India, the South Asian country.

The presence of Asian girls adds another layer of confusion, to say the least, as there seems to be nothing “Indian” about them. India is in Asia, making Indians technically Asians, but this just brings us back to our first point.

While Uncle Yu’s appears to be getting fairly positive reviews for its menu, we still feel something is off, as many readers of the LLAG’s post also noticed:

If Asians are going to fight against cultural appropriation, it’s probably best to keep things like this in check.

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