Uncle Roger Physically Assaulted While Walking Home in London

Uncle Roger Physically Assaulted While Walking Home in LondonUncle Roger Physically Assaulted While Walking Home in London
Nigel Ng, known for his Uncle Roger persona, claims he was assaulted while walking back to his home on Friday.
Angry Stranger: The London-based Malaysian comedian posted about the incident to his Instagram stories where he says a “random guy” punched him in the face.
  • In the clips, Ng points to his bleeding lip and a small bruise under it.
  • “I’m guessing probably Covid racism-related? Which is really, really sh*tty. Good thing he wasn’t a great fighter because it could’ve been a lot worse, I could be in the hospital,” he says.
  • Ng explains how the man parked his bike on the street, before coming angrily at him with his fist.
  • When the comedian asked the attacker who he was, he replied, “You know what you did,” which baffled him further.
Police Fan: Ng states he filed a police report and worries about his safety walking back to his home, since to him, the “signs pointed to this being a random Covid racism attack.”
  • “I didn’t know the guy, and I don’t think he knew who I was either. I think he was just trying to punch an Asian face,” he continues.
  • On the bright side, Ng is pleased to find that the officer who took his statement is a fan and knows about Uncle Roger and his infamous egg-fried rice reaction videos.
  • He goes on to warn his followers to stay safe and how incidents like these “shouldn’t happen in this day and age.”
  • Ng then cracks more jokes about how he had just come from a dentist appointment and was more worried about his tooth getting chipped.
  • The comic also complains about how the officers didn’t take their shoes off when they arrived and he would have to vacuum after them later.
  • Opting to stay positive, he writes, “Can’t wait to talk about this on stage [going to] turn it into a funny standup bit.”
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