‘We b*tched about Jamie Oliver for 15 minutes’: Uncle Roger meets Gordon Ramsey in new video

Uncle Roger Gordon Ramsey
  • In a profanity-filled seven-second TikTok clip, comedian Nigel Ng (portraying his comedic alter ego Uncle Roger) and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey meet for the first time.
  • In the caption of the video posted Thursday, Ng calls Ramsey “the king,” adding that they “b*tched about Jamie Oliver for 15 minutes.”
  • Ng rose to viral fame in 2021 with his Uncle Roger persona, who is best known for mocking chefs who poorly reproduce Asian foods, especially fried rice.

Malaysian-British comedian Nigel Ng, portraying his viral character Uncle Roger, met Gordon Ramsey, the celebrity chef to whom Uncle Roger has issued rare praise. 

In the seven-second video posted to Ng’s TikTok on Thursday, Ramsey sports his signature white chef’s shirt and Uncle Roger his distinctive orange polo. The two stand side by side as someone off-camera indicates they can start. 

@mrnigelng Finally met the king @gordonramsayofficial ♬ original sound – Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

“Hello niece and nephew, the wok f*ck boy, Uncle Gordon,” says Ng, gesturing to Ramsey. 


“F*ck you,” responds Ramsey. 

No further context is provided for why or how the two of them met, although the caption alludes to Uncle Roger’s respect for the celebrity chef. 

“Finally met the king @gordonramseyofficial,” the caption reads. “And then we b*tched about Jamie Oliver for 15 minutes.” 

Ng’s character Uncle Roger is best known for mocking chefs who cook Asian cuisine badly, in particular fried rice. Ng approved of Ramsey’s Indonesian fried rice in a YouTube video posted back in Sep. 2021. Oliver, by contrast, was resoundingly mocked by the comedian a month before for his fried rice recipe, which incorporated the decidedly non-Asian ingredient of “chili jam.”


Ng has almost 4 million followers on TikTok, where the video has already reached more than 13 million views within less than 24 hours. 

Feature Image via @mrnigelng

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