Nigel Ng, AKA Ungle Roger, left alleged 5-story brothel in Jakarta with a very unexpected regret

Nigel Ng, AKA Ungle Roger, left alleged 5-story brothel in Jakarta with a very unexpected regret
Bryan Ke
August 26, 2022
Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, who rose to online fame for his Uncle Roger persona, recently shared the story of how an investor brought him to a “swanky” five-story “brothel” in Jakarta, Indonesia.
During Episode 32 of the podcast “HAIYAA with Nigel Ng,” which was released on Wednesday, the 31-year-old comedian said he went to Jakarta on Aug. 3 and Aug. 4 as part of his “HAIYAA World Tour.”
Without providing a name, Ng eventually shared that one of his tour organizer’s investors, who he claims is an arms dealer in Indonesia, gave him a tour of a five-story building in the “sketchy part” of North Jakarta. The establishment had a club, a pool and a spa, as well as a hotel and a restaurant attached to it, Ng recalled.
It’s a beautiful place. It’s swanky. It’s not dingy,” he said about what he described as “essentially a five-story brothel.”
The London-based comedian also explained during the podcast that adding a hotel to the building was the only way to obtain a license to run the alleged brothel.
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Describing the investor, Ng said he looked like a “cool guy” who “you would never think he runs a brothel. He just looks like this kind of normal, a little bit of a nerdy uncle, nerdy middle-aged guy.”
Continuing his story, Ng shared that after the tour, they went to the spa area, where he was offered women.
They had the whole building,” Ng said. “I think they had 500 women, and on the pool area they brought out 50 of them. You just choose one. Unfortunately, full disclosure, I did not pick one… I would have if I were alone, but I was with the arms dealer. He was married and he didn’t pick one.”
So he could kill people with weapons, but he won’t cheat on his wife. Such great ethics, isn’t it?” Ng continued. “He could sell weapons, but he is faithful. I actually had a lot of respect for him. You would assume an Indonesian arms dealer would just, you know, f*ck all the h*s and shoot and cheat on his wife, you know.”
Reflecting on the experience, Ng said he regretted his decision not to participate.
“I was too much of a p*ssy to hire a hooker. I kind of regret it now, to be honest. I should’ve taken the awkwardness. They wanted to buy me hookers. Where else would you get free hookers? And also they wanted to show their generosity, it would have made them happy if I took a hooker or three,” he said.
Ng went on to talk about several amenities of the establishment, including a room where clients can supposedly press a button to play background noises heard in places such as airports, train stations and busy streets. He said the room is for male clients to use when they are speaking to their wives on the phone.
Featured Image via HAIYAA with Nigel Ng, mrnigelng
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