Man Braves Deep Floodwater to Save Dog During Typhoon Ulysses in the Philippines


A stranded dog in the Philippines was rescued by a Marikina resident who swam across 6-foot deep floodwater when Typhoon Vamco, or Typhoon Ulysses, made landfall.

The rescue: The unidentified man risked his life and stepped into muddy floodwater to save the distressed dog that was stuck inside a nearby building.


  • In a 32-second video, the man is seen holding on to a white pillar and then reaching out to grab the pooch before the duo swims back to safety.
  • “I really admire the man because of how bravely he rescued the trapped dog from the flooded house,” another resident, who only goes by the name Sheryl, was quoted as saying by Viral Press.
Screenshot via Viral Press

Typhoon Vamco aka Ulysses: Vamco is the 21st tropical storm to hit the Philippines.

  • The country is still dealing with the aftermath of Typhoon Goni, the world’s most powerful typhoon, according to the Philippine Star.
  • The storm left 25 people dead and thousands of homes destroyed earlier this month.
  • Vamco was the result of 96 miles per hour winds and gusts that reached up to 158 miles per hour.
  • It made landfall three times on Wednesday night in Quezon province, just south of Manila.

Feature Image via Viral Press

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