Ultra-Petty Newlyweds Send Photographer 30-Page Criticism of Wedding Photos in Hong Kong

While it is expected for customers who pay good money for goods or services to provide feedback for satisfaction or otherwise, a “case study” about it might be a little over the top.

Such is the case of a wedding photographer in Hong Kong who recently encountered a couple who think they know more about photography.

After submitting the images to his clients, the unnamed photographer received a 30-page document of feedback, which brutally analyzed every photo in extensive detail. According to media outlet DCFever (via PetaPixel), the newlywed couple’s lab report-like commentary described how disappointing the photos were and pointed out how each of them can be improved.

Images were printed out from the documents with text boxes that detail their criticisms. Comments include the how the photographer should have followed the “rule of thirds” in photography, pointers on proper framing subjects. The couple also criticized the use of “overexposed backdrop” in the photos.

When the detailed photography review emerged online, it became widely shared on local social media, with netizens split on whether the customers were right to demand from the photographer or went too far with their critique.

Those who felt the comments were fair agreed that the photos did not meet the standards expected of professionals. Those who defended the images pointed out that they have yet to be retouched by the photographer and can still be improved.

While there are no further details on how the issue was resolved, it is understandable how people can have a varying opinion on it based on the available information.

Feature Image via DCFever

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