Entertaining Japanese Entertainer May Be the Best Entertainer in Entertainment History

Japanese entertainer Uekusa Kazuhisa, who goes by @uespiiiiii on Twitter, has been captivating netizens with his unique, tension-filled stunts that he regularly posts online.

Kazuhisa, who tantalizes his viewers by performing nearly naked, recently became viral by executing his own take on the old “tablecloth-pulling” trick. However, instead of using a standard table, he uses his own body as the base and a cup and saucer for the items he intends to keep in place. The cloth is strategically placed to pique the attention of his viewer who may be wondering if a faulty execution would reveal his privates.

But as a master of his craft, the 29-year-old performer, from Saitama Prefecture, always yanks the cloth using an assortment of tools with such finesse and accuracy that the object lands at exactly the right spot each time. 

In his videos, Kazuhisa is usually seen fully focused on his act, while background music plays along which helps in building the tension.

Here he is using a helmet:

A tape measure:

An electric fan:

A PlayStation 2 console:

He also ups the ante by filling the cup with hot tea:

Watch Kazuhisa perform his unique stunts in front of a live audience when he participated on “Georgia’s Got Talent”:

But before you label him as a one-trick pony, check out Kazuhisa performing other tricks:

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