UC Berkeley is Offering a Course on BTS

UC Berkeley is Offering a Course on BTSUC Berkeley is Offering a Course on BTS
Beginning in spring, the University of California, Berkeley will offer a two-credit course on the seven-member global K-Pop sensation BTS, which aims to explore their “history, artistry, philanthropy and many other aspects” to analyze their impact on society.
The course, titled “Next Generation Leaders: BTS,” was launched by two ARMYs as part of the university’s Democratic Education at Cal (“DeCal”) program, in which students create and facilitate classes themselves.
The course, featuring in-class sessions and out-of-class assignments, is already full as of Friday.
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“This course will focus on Korean boy group, BTS, and their global impact. We will attempt to explore the group’s history, artistry, philanthropy, and many other aspects in order to analyze their growing impact in society as well as their international success,” the official course description said.
“Additionally, we will dive into the intricate world they have created through their album concepts and videos, also known as, ‘Bangtan Universe.’”
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“We will also look at media texts like articles, interviews, and the group’s own music videos to allow students to think critically and create their own theories about the group’s success,” the course description added.
Prior to the class, students attended the course information session on Feb. 5 and watched BTS’ “Love Yourself” speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York last year.
Students take a groufie at the info session of “Next Generation Leaders: BTS” at UC Berkeley. Image via Twitter / hobbies_pouch
Facilitators also launched a dedicated Twitter page for “Next Generation Leaders: BTS,” which has since received questions from curious users. Many congratulated the students and asked to be updated of the course’s progress.
Meanwhile, some wanted to attend UC Berkeley just for the class.
Others inquired whether the course will be available online.
In response, facilitators said that there are currently no plans of making the lectures publicly available since the course is still new.
Featured Images via Facebook and Twitter / bangtan.official (left) and hobis_pouch (right)
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