Uber Singapore is Offering Puppy Cuddling Services For One Day

On December 9, Uber Singapore will do a one-day only service that will surely brighten up your day.

According to a report from Asia One, Uber Singapore will offer their customers a 15-minute cuddle ride with a puppy. This will be called #UberPUPPIES and is held in partnership with pet food company Purina Pro Plan and local dog shelter SOSD. This service will run from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. on December 9 only.

So if you find yourself stressed on that day, might as well take advantage of this unique one day service. Science says that dogs also get depressed as well as humans and when you cuddle and play with a dog, not only is it good for your furry friend, but for you as well. During interactions, oxytocin also known as the “love hormone”, is released.

This kind of feature has already been done in other countries like the United States, Australia, Lebanon, and Jordan. In order to experience this rare chance, users can go to their Uber app and click on the “Puppies” tab. When a puppy is available, an Uber driver will take the puppy to your home or office.

Although this service is free, users are encouraged to make a donation to SOSD to support the dogs under their care. All contributions made on that day will go straight to the dog shelter.

Additionally, all dogs that will be used for the Uber puppy cuddle service are open for adoption. So if you end up falling in love with the puppy you booked, you can approach SOSD for adoption details.

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