Uber Shuts Down in Taiwan After Raking $35 Million in Fines in Just One Month

Uber has suspended its operations in Taiwan after accumulating NTD $1.1 billion ($35 million) in fines. The amount built up within a month after a new law that bans unlicensed taxi services took effect.

As per local reports, the ride-hailing company was caught for over 48 violations since January 6, Focus Taiwan reported. An amendment to the Highway Act lifts the maximum fine for illegal passenger transportation services to NTD $25 million ($802,629).

The problem: Uber runs in Taiwan as an information services company.

In a statement, Uber described the pullout as a “tough decision,” The Straits Times noted. The company revealed itself as “an ordinary citizen that is facing unprecedented penalties for providing passengers with a safe ride.”

In addition, it claimed that the Taiwanese government is “moving away from embracing innovation and 21st century trends in transportation.”

About one million people in Taiwan have downloaded the Uber app, while 10,000 drivers are at work. The company launched its services in Taiwan in 2013.

So far, the company has reportedly made 15 million trips in the region.

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