Drunk Man Assaults Uber Driver, Immediately Gets What He Deserves

Drunk Man Assaults Uber Driver, Immediately Gets What He Deserves
Editorial Staff
November 2, 2015

In a recent Uber controversy caught on tape, a drunk rider assaulted an Uber driver after being asked to leave the vehicle.
After picking up the rider from Baja Sharkeez on the peninsula in Newport Beach, California, the passenger began drifting in and out of consciousness in the back of the car, according to the driver, Edward Caban, who posted a video on his YouTube page.
Caban said he felt uncomfortable after the rider refused to give him directions to the destination. Caban said that the destination he gave him was Black Knight, another bar up the street from Sharkeez, but when the destination was in sight, the rider insisted on telling the driver how to get to the bar, which was ironically the wrong way.
The rider became extremely aggressive and said:
“Fucking turn this piece of shit around.”
When the driver pulled into a nearby shopping center and told the rider to get out, the rider refused. Caban told the rider he ended the ride and that if he didn’t get out he was going to call the police.
The rider opened his door, but before he got out, he began violently attacking the driver, striking him several times in the head, pulling his hair and slamming him into the driver’s side window.
Caban put up his arms and defended himself against the initial attacks before pulling out his mace spray and blinding his attacker.
Caban called the cops and the incident is being investigated, but Caban is furious with the way his passenger treated him. He said:
“Uber drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”
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