Customer Starts Fight With Ohio Nail Salon Owner Over ‘Messy’ Nail

A fight broke inside an Ohio nail salon between a customer and the shop’s owner after the former reportedly made a fuss over a “messy manicure.”
The incident, which was captured on video, occurred on March 28 at Fantasy Nails shop in Cleveland at around 4 p.m.
Adeshola Mohom reportedly entered the establishment complaining about an error with the nail polish she received and was told to wait by shop owner, Ty Dang, as there were other customers ahead of her. After growing impatient, Mohom then started yelling and became increasingly violent around employees and customers, according to a police report. Dang then proceeded to get Mohom to leave.
In the footage, which a customer broadcast on Facebook live, Dang can be seen pinning Mohom down on the ground and telling her to be quiet.
(The video below contains graphic content and language.)
Things got worse as more curses, pushing, and shoving continued for several minutes. When Mohom tried to leave the store, Dang and his staff stopped her by the door.
“Kick me one more time, and see what happens,” the owner later warned after she kicked him. “Mess with me and you’ll lose two teeth.”
“I know my rights in this country,” Mohom screamed. “Nobody can hold me against my will.”
Customers who appeared to be taking Dang’s side told Mohom to calm down.
In a statement, Dang explained what happened inside his shop.
“I felt like she was a threat,” Dang told Cleveland 19 News. “I put her outside, then she made an effort to run back (and) jump on top of the (customer) and attack and hit her. She was a danger to everybody in my salon, so I had to restrain her until the police came.”
After watching the footage of the incident, the police confirmed the owner’s claims. No charges have been filed in connection to the incident.
“I had time to think about it, and I was wrong … I would apologize to her in person, if she’d like. But at the end, when she called my wife a b—h, I snapped. I did push her down, I got on top of her and wanted to punch her, but I never did.”
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