Two Women Take The Worst Selfie Ever in London’s Chinatown

Two young British women were slammed by netizens after posting a “slant eye” selfie at London’s Chinatown on social media.

British Born Chinese U.K. reposted the pair’s Instagram photo on Facebook this week, and so far, people are not pleased.

Netizens who thought of the photo as racist were immediately offended. Comments read:

“Sadly ignorant and uneducated.”

“Rather have small eyes than that whale chin on the right.”

“Those big chins could take a lots punches.”


“2017 and still have to put up with this. Seriously, when is this going to end? I’m getting fed up of people considering the mocking Chinese people as socially acceptable (and the wider East Asian community). May not be as outspoken as others but it’s still quite offensive.”

It did not take long before Joana Costa, one of the women, apologized on the Facebook thread, expressing how disgusted she is with herself and that she respects everyone:

What do you think about the photo?

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