Two Toddlers Killed in China After Wandering Off and Playing in Cement Mixer

Chinese authorities are investigating the tragic death of two young girls who were both crushed by a cement mixer in Guang’an city, Sichuan Province in China. The incident, which highlights another display of neglectful parenting in China, has shocked many netizens.

In a video uploaded to, the cement mixer was shown surrounded by horrified bystanders. The horrific images of the blood-stained machine went viral on Chinese social media sites over the weekend.  

Initial findings revealed that the victims, both aged three, were left unattended by their parents near a construction site on Friday. After wandering away from their relatives, the toddlers were able to enter an unmanned construction site to play.

According to (via the Daily Mail), local police have surmised that the girls climbed a cement mixer without any one noticing. The machine reportedly had been left idle but for some reason, still plugged in. It is believed that the heavy-duty machine was accidentally turned on when the children climbed into it.

One of the girls died on the spot, while the other died at the Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College where doctors tried and failed to save her life. The names of the victims and parents were omitted from the reports. 

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