Two Samurais Fighting With Katanas in Mid-Air Using Jetpacks is All You Need Today

Japanese videographer, actor, and inventor Shota Mori has once again proved that nothing is impossible, including flying samurai battles.

In the latest video he made for the Japanese company SoftBank as part of its SoftBank Smartphone Junior High School series of videos, he strapped jetpacks to samurai and made them fight. Apparently, this has a connection to academia — particularly science and technology — according to SoraNews24.

The clip starts off with the two samurais having a standoff before they launch into  the air using their jet packs.

The two samurais continue to exchange blows while in mid-air.

However, it seems like the one in the right – the warrior wearing the dark hakama – is a more experienced fighter, as he emerges victorious from their clash.

The warrior then took to the air once more, possibly to celebrate his victory over his opponent.

Although the whole thing looks like it was done using special effects – particularly the steam coming out of their jet packs at the potential harness — it’s still a lot of fun to watch.

Mori, has yet to release any comments about the authenticity of this mid-air sword fight, but whatever the case is, it’s still epic!

Images screenshot via YouTube / SoftBank

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