Two Grown Men Spotted Driving Bumper Cars on a Busy Chinese Street

To the surprise and confusion of pedestrians and motorists, two grown men were spotted joyfully racing down the streets of Shenyang, China in a pair of bumper cars on Saturday.

What looked like a real-life Mario Kart race, the speeding duo were fortunately captured by a social media user who uploaded the images online.  

The photos of the unidentified men in their colorful rides which were posted on Chinese social networking site Weibo immediately went viral, according to Shanghaiist.

Although the stunt the juvenile adults played look hilarious and cool, authorities were quick to point out that people should be cautious. A local newspaper, Liaoshen Evening News, labeled their behavior as “very dangerous.”

While the two drivers did abide basic road rules and followed traffic lights, there are certain provisions on which type of vehicles one can actually use on public roads. Bumper cars, most definitely, aren’t among them. 

As expected, there are netizens who expressed their need for some “bumper car speed” on the streets as well.

“My childhood dream come true!” a netizen was quoted as saying.

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