Two Elderly Men Brawl Over Woman At Singaporean Coffee Shop

Two men believed to be in their 60s caused a disturbance at a coffee shop in Yishun, Singapore, in what authorities speculate was a dispute over a woman.

The incident at the unnamed coffee shop occurred on March 11 and was caught on camera.

In the video posted on the Facebook page Fabrications About The PAP, the men — one in red and the other in blue — can be seen in an exchange of vulgarities as spectators watched closely.

The man in red then picked up a bottle, while the man in blue kept telling him to “come out.”

The situation reportedly escalated as spectators encouraged fighting.

The man in red took a stool to hit the man in blue, who quickly retaliated. Both struggled to get hold of the chair.

Moments later, two other people — a man in blue and another in white — intervened and got into a fight themselves.

According to The Straits Times, the woman between the elderly men is the girlfriend of one and the ex-girlfriend of the other.

Police were notified accordingly and has since conducted an investigation into the affray.

Netizens chimed in:

“[Is] auntie very pretty?”

“All these people think they’re still very young.”

“Sick old men who have no brains!”

“All these bums including the bystanders should be arrested for instigating the fight.”

“Case of Romeo and Juliet. Only difference: the actors are animals.”

Watch the video below:

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