Twitter Roasts Chinese Guys After ‘Disgusting’ Comments on What Kind of Foreigner They Would Date

Twitter Roasts Chinese Guys After ‘Disgusting’ Comments on What Kind of Foreigner They Would Date

August 16, 2018
A video posted on YouTube earlier this year has resurged on Twitter to a chorus of outrage over its controversial content.
The video, uploaded by YouTuber Panpan Xplore in March, asked men on the streets of Xiamen, China about the type of girls they like.
The six-minute video started with Panpan asking about “the kind of personalities” they prefer in women.
The men replied with characteristics such as being “submissive,” having a “good temper,” being “flirty” and staying “optimistic,” among others.
Panpan then asked about physical characteristics the men like, which turned out to be “beautiful,” “big boobs and butt,” “long legs” and “not those internet celebrity looks,” to name some.
The YouTuber went on to ask whether the men were open to dating foreigners — and majority responded positively.
However, what came out of Panpan’s next question sent Twitter to retaliation.
“What foreigner from which country would you prefer to date?”
After one answered “American, Russian and Korean,” another chimed in with “Europe, America” before pointing out, “except Africa.”
The man’s note on Africa immediately prompted laughter, with another following up, “white and yellow kind, except black.”
Panpan asked next, “What foreigner from which country you cannot accept?”
“Black [I] cannot accept,” one snapped.
Another replied, “Personally I don’t like facial features that are too dark, I prefer white facial features more.”
“I can accept everything… except black,” another said as others continued laughing.
But one from the group said otherwise, “I can accept black and white. [What’s] important is [sic] good personalities.”
Yet the laughter went on after one asked, “How about Indian? Bollywood race.”
Twitter user @jxngkookfied shared the “disgusting” clip in a tweet on Aug. 7, which has since received thousands of “likes” and retweets.
It should be noted however that other males interviewed in the video gave more reasonable responses to the question.
Still, netizens took to slam the men’s comments — with many pointing out they’re not wanted either.
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