Gordon Ramsay Infuriates Indian Twitter Users By Insulting Mumbai Man’s Dish

Chef Gordon Ramsay received a tirade of comments after he allegedly insulted a Mumbai man’s dish.

Ramsay has never been one to shy away from giving criticism when it comes to food and cooking. In the culinary world, he is famous for his foul language and temper, which makes him even more popular on television.

So when a man from Mumbai who goes by the Twitter handle Rameez sent a photo to Ramsay and asked the chef to rate his food, Ramsay unloaded on the man.

After sending a photo of his dish called “Medu Vala”, a doughnut-shaped South Indian dish of spiced urad dal batter, Gordon replied by saying, “I didn’t know you can tweet from prison.”

While Rameez wasn’t too bothered about Ramsay’s response, other Twitter users felt offended by the internationally renowned chef, according to The Independant.

A Twitter user messaged Ramsay saying, “Well at least this prison food tastes a lot better than your half cooked steak.”

“Every cuisine that you’re ignorant about is not from prison” said another.

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