Twitch Streamer Says She Doesn’t Have a ‘White Knight,’ Gets One IRL Literally 1 Second Later


Heosu, the other half of the In Real Life (IRL) Twitch streamer EXBC, had a fateful encounter with a gentleman shortly after she told her viewers that she didn’t have a “white knight.”

The perfectly-timed wholesome moment happened when Heosu was waiting for her drink at a cafe in Korea.

As she was telling her chat that she “didn’t have white knights,” a man who exited the cafe and saw the pouring rain, suddenly came up to Heosu and gave her an umbrella.

According to Dexerto, the man said he didn’t need the umbrella despite the heavy rainfall. Heosu hesitantly accepted the offer while the man and his friend went back inside.

A “white knight” is a term used to describe an individual who wishes to protect female streamers from toxic people and those who harass them online. In the case of Heosu, however, it appears like she may have encountered one in real life.

Many of her viewers quickly praised the man for giving her an umbrella. One user couldn’t help but point out the timing, while another one called the man a hero.

Heosu, along with her husband, forms the streaming duo EXBC. They broadcast their travels throughout Korea and have a follower base of over 100,000 on Twitch.

Featured Image via Twitch and Instagram / EXBC (Right) and exbctv (Left)

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