Twitch streamer JoeyKaotyk confronts racist passerby inside LA store

Twitch streamer JoeyKaotyk confronts racist in store during livestream

Asian Twitch IRL (in real life) streamer JoeyKaotyk encountered a racist passerby during a live stream in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.

What happened: JoeyKaotyk was doing his usual live stream when a man walked past him and started mocking his Asian heritage with a fake accent, according to Dexerto.

  • Furious at the man’s actions, the Twitch streamer responded, “That’s very funny in 2021, sir.” He then followed the man inside a store to confront him about his racism.
  • “That was kind of funny, you kind of had me there,” JoeyKaotyk said sarcastically. “But just saying it’s not funny to be kind of racist in 2021, alright? Get that sh*t out of here, bro.”
  • A female security guard can be heard asking the streamer what happened, to which he replied, “He’s just being a racist idiot.”
  • JoeyKaotyk then took to his Twitter to share the short clip and wrote, “This is for sure not his first time doing this, and if I don’t say something, he’ll do it again,” he said. “The rest of the stream went f*cking amazing, we said our piece & moved on. Don’t let others steal your energy, but especially don’t pull that racist sh*t around me, period.”

Other details: JoeyKaotyk is a live streamer who has over 96,000 followers on Twitch, where he broadcasts his travels around the world.

The hashtag #TwitchDoBetter has also gone viral on Twitter after many streamers took to social media to protest the growing racism in the online community brought about by hate raids and follow bots.

Featured Image via @JoeyKaotyk

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