Twins Separated at Birth 36 Years Ago Meet for the First Time

Twins Separated at Birth 36 Years Ago Meet for the First TimeTwins Separated at Birth 36 Years Ago Meet for the First Time
A pair of twins in China who had been separated just after their birth were reunited with the help of a local police officer.
Wang Hui and Wu Lu, separated 36 years ago, finally met each other in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, last week.
According to Sohu News, their biological parents gave them up for adoption 16 days after their birth.
Both were sent to two different families in the same city and had been looking for each other since.
The long search would end as Wang Hui, who works as a bus driver, talked about her missing sister to police officer Zheng Hangen, who was on-duty at her bus station on Sunday.
Wang, who believed that her sister was still in Hangzhou, shared an encounter when one passenger told her that he had met someone in the city who looked like her, as per Hangzhou News via Shanghaiist.
In goodwill, Zheng took the initiative to course through the police ID database and discovered that 280 women were born on Wang’s birthday.
He then narrowed his search by going through 150 photos, hoping to find someone who looked just like Wang.
Fortunately, Zheng found a match, Wu Lu, whom he contacted immediately.
The police officer learned that Wu had also been looking for her twin sister all these years.
Then, at a local police station on Sunday, Wang Hui and Wu Lu finally met.
More surprisingly, the twins learned that they have been living in the same neighborhood, after all.
Netizens commented:
“Tragedy and comedy of life!”
“He’s a dedicated police officer.”
“Things are not finished. Can they discuss their parents?”
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