‘Got that ‘come over’ text but she lives in Celadon City’: ‘Tweet like Pokémon were real’ game goes viral

‘Tweet like Pokémon were real’ meme sees Team Rocket’s Meowth trying to scam people

Ever wonder what would happen if Pokémon were actually real? A viral Twitter game may have the answer as people are now sharing their “real life” encounters with these majestic creatures.

Let the games begin: Twitter user @nellychilling started the “Tweet like Pokémon were real” game over the weekend. Their initial post has already been retweeted more than 55,000 times and has received over 23,000 QTs (Quote Tweets) and more than 45,000 likes.

  • The rule of the game is simple: people must make a post that depicts what it would be like if humans and Pokémon coexisted.

  • One great example is Team Rocket’s Meowth trying to scam people by asking them about their credit card details.

  • This Twitter user also had an encounter with a random Hitmonchan. The other man in the picture, though, was not happy about it.

  • Better check the Snorlax forecast for today.

  • Check out these other creative entries:

There are more of them: Other “Tweet Like X is Real” memes have also taken over the fandom side of Twitter. Some noteworthy ones include “Tweet like Sonic and his friends are real” and “Tweet like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is real.” 

Featured Image @Lucho_Red (left), @goobersweber (right)

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