TV Presenter Tells K-Pop Star His ‘English is awesome,’ But He’s Canadian

A television presenter for “Good Day LA” on KTTV was ridiculed online for her controversial comment about one of the members of K-pop group NCT 127, Mark Lee, who is originally from Vancouver, Canada.

The controversial moment happened last week when the members of K-pop group NCT 127, which means Neo Culture Technology and the 127 marks as the longitude coordinate of Seoul, South Korea, dropped by as guests in “Good Day L.A.”

At the later part of the interview, Vanessa Borge, seemingly out of nowhere, made a comment about Lee being from Canada, AsAm News reported.

Things, however, started to become a bit awkward when Lee answered that he is from Vancouver, and Borge responded, “Very cool, your English is awesome, I love it.” Watch the last part of the interview below.


Not everyone seemed to find the offense in what happened, apparently, but the user who posted this short clip social media, @haspuwu, explained that: “It’s more than just ‘well they speak French, I don’t find this offensive.’ Being told ‘Your English is good’ when you grew up in an English speaking country or any scenario. Is NOT a compliment. Don’t do that and look dumb.”

Some other comments mirrored the same sentiment that @hapuwu shared.

But most of them just simply ridiculed her for the controversial comment.

Canada has two official languages: French and English. According to a report, about 60% of the population in Canada speaks English while 22% speaks French. Most French-speaking people in the country live in Quebec as the province considers it their official language.

Featured image via YouTube / * peachwatermelon

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