Woman’s Face Becomes an ‘Emoji’ After Doing a Turmeric Face Mask


An Indonesian woman turned into a “real-life emoji” after using turmeric, a popular spice commonly used in curries and sauces, as a face mask.

Unintentional yellow tinge: Twitter user @ibuibuyakult shared how she was unable to rinse the bright yellow-orange turmeric stain off her face.

Yellow no more: In an interview with WOB, the user shared that it took her about two days of “great effort” to finally wash the yellow stain off.

  • “It lasted for about two days. I put extra effort for getting rid of it to be honest,” she was quoted as saying. 
  • In response to her story, commenters offered some techniques on how to properly use a turmeric mask.
  • “You used too much turmeric! I have used turmeric in my mask before but it has never left a yellow stain. Try using turmeric mixed with oatmeal and powdered milk instead, not just turmeric,” a user wrote.
  • Another user suggested mixing turmeric with honey first before applying.

Feature Image via ibuibuyakult

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