Rich Chinese Parents Rent Luxury Vans For Their Children to Relax in During School

Newly rich Chinese parents, considered “tuhao” in China, like to show their affection to their children in interesting ways.
Parents of one young girl in Wuhan, China, went so far as to install a kitchen on the sidewalk of their daughter’s school so that their child could enjoy the luxury of homecooked meals during her lunch breaks.  
Everyday spectators were amused by the spectacle and snapped photos that were posted online, according to The photographs show a female domestic helper cooking next to a parked Mercedes-Benz. Her kitchen setup included an electric oven, bowls, seasonings and tables.
The woman was questioned by policemen who attempted to remove her from the premises. She reportedly said she was making a meal for her employer’s child and insisted on finishing her food preparation.
Subsequent photos show a young girl relaxing in the luxury car equipped with television and bed. The individual who uploaded the pictures online commented on how far removed from reality the rich are in China.
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