Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asks if ‘Putin eats dogs’ while questioning why Russian president is disliked

Tucker Carlson
  • While discussing the Biden administration’s response to the Russia-Ukraine crisis on Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, Carlson described the ongoing situation as a "border dispute."
  • He questioned why Russian President Vladimir Putin is hated before asking whether Putin “eats dogs.”
  • Carlson has a history of making comments deemed racist by critics, promoting white nationalist ideals on his show and defending the “white replacement theory.”

On Tuesday’s segment of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative television host Tucker Carlson posed the question of whether Russian President Vladimir Putin “eats dogs” during a conversation regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Carlson began the segment by describing the Russian incursion into Ukraine as a “border dispute.” He then observed that Democrats seem to “have a patriotic duty to hate Vladimir Putin” and suggested that there is no reason to hate Putin. He proceeded to try to prove his point by “just asking questions” that included, “Does he eat dogs?”

The host also uploaded a post to Twitter which included the same lines used on his televised segment.

Carlson has made several other comments deemed by critics as racist in the past and promoted “white nationalist” ideals, such as “The Great Replacement” theory, an ethnonationalist theory that posits that white European peoples are being crowded out by non-European peoples.

Feature Image via Fox News

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